As we prepare for our Indigenous Round game against the Eels, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are proud to showcase a unique collaboration between our players and talented Indigenous artists, who have created bespoke boots that reflect personal stories, cultural heritage, and artistic ingenuity for each of our Indigenous players.

Artist Spotlight: Kylie Caldwell

Kylie Caldwell, a Bundjalung artist from Northern Rivers, NSW, infuses her artwork with a vibrant blend of contemporary and traditional Aboriginal motifs. Her art is deeply influenced by her cultural heritage, using allegory and metaphors to express themes of perseverance, kinship, and custodianship of homelands. Kylie’s work on the boots for Indigenous Round is a testament to her artistic vision and cultural pride.

Cody Walker's Boots: Bundjalung Design

Cody Walker’s boots are a tribute to Bundjalung warriors, featuring traditional weapons and patterns that symbolise strength and connection within the Bundjalung nation.


Jacob Gagai's Boots: TSI Design

Jacob Gagai’s boots honour his Torres Strait Islander heritage, incorporating the flag and the star symbol amidst designs that reflect the sea and the journeys of his ancestors.


Alex Johnston's Boots: PNG Design

Alex Johnston’s boots proudly display the colours of the Papua New Guinea flag to pay tribute to his heritage. A repeat patterns symbolises the dedication required to excel in professional rugby league.


Artist Spotlight: Madeline Richey

Born on Gamilaroi land and raised in the landscapes of Bundjalung country in Grafton, NSW, Madeline Richey's life and art are deeply rooted in her Indigenous heritage. Her formative years were spent learning the craft of painting along the banks of the Clarence River in Yaegl country under the tutelage of her Pop, a master of watercolour landscapes. This foundational experience imbued her with a profound connection to her cultural and familial legacies, which continue to inspire her work. As a gunidjaar (mother) to three children and a dedicated nurse combating systemic racism and bias in healthcare, Madeline embodies resilience and advocacy. Her artworks, a blend of contemporary and traditional techniques, draw inspiration from the sacred landscapes of her walaaybaa (home country) and her strong familial ties to the Gamilroi homelands.

Named after her great-grandmother, Grace Madeleine Binge—a matriarch who steered her family through challenges in Toomelah and Tenterfield—Madeline's creations are a tribute to the enduring strength and spirit of her ancestors.

Tyrone Munro's Boots: Moree Boomerangs

Ty Munro's boots are a vibrant homage to his roots, designed to reflect his allegiance to the Moree Boomerangs and the rich heritage of Gomeroi country. The left boot proudly bears the Moree Boomerangs logo, while the right boot is emblazoned with the team’s name, set against a backdrop rich in cultural symbolism. Traversing this landscape are the tracks of the Dhinawan (emu) and Bawurra (red kangaroo), creatures of great significance in Gamilaroi lore, their paths marking the contours of the land. Winding through this intricate design is the Mehi River, a vital lifeline and symbol of home for the Gomeroi people.


Shaquai Mitchell's Boots: Totems

Shaquai Mitchell's custom boots vividly celebrate his deep-rooted connections to his cultural heritage and family. Each boot is adorned with significant totems— the long-necked turtle on the right and the pelican on the left—symbols that resonate with the heritage of his partner, underscoring her pivotal role within their family. The external design of the left boot honors her as a cherished figure, while the right boot encapsulates the family unity, featuring figures of the mother, father, and their three children. Inside the boots, a meeting circle symbolises the essential role of community, highlighting how entities like the Rabbitohs bolster both individual and collective resilience.

Artist Spotlight: Aneika Kapeen

Aneika Kapeen, an influential Aboriginal artist from the Yaegl and Bundjalung nations, channels her cultural roots and identity into her artistry. Her contributions for the Indigenous Round are a testament to her deep commitment to expressing her heritage through creative means.

Latrell Mitchell's Boots

Latrell Mitchell’s boots are a personal canvas, reflecting his journey as both an athlete and an entrepreneur. The boots showcase the logo of his business, Winmarra, and adopt the distinct colours of his TrellMit brand, representing his dual roles and the integration of his professional achievements with his cultural identity. Winmarra, meaning ‘mountain people’, signifies the rugged and rich land on which its nomadic people have lived – and thrived – for centuries. Inspired by the strength and resilience of his ancestors – particularly his elders – Latrell Mitchell is looking to tell the same stories that run through his bloodlines, with his mission to provoke thought and pass on knowledge of his family’s land and culture.


Tallis Duncan's Boots

Tallis Duncan’s boots are designed to symbolise the South Sydney Rabbitohs' collective journey and unity. They prominently feature the team’s iconic red and green colours, capturing the essence of the Rabbitohs' spirit and camaraderie.


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