Nicole Mason is a participant in Souths Cares Barranggirra Program who has been working hard to achieve her career aspirations and provide for her young family. Nicole commenced a Health Administration Traineeship in March 2023 at Liverpool Hospital and has now finished her TAFE work ahead of schedule.

Prior to commencing her Traineeship, Nicole worked in customer service and retail roles and was eager to enter the health sector to build upon her existing administration skills and commence a career with great opportunities to develop. It took Nicole almost three years of applying for different roles within the health sector before she was accepted into South Western Sydney Local Health District’s (SWSLHD) Indigenous Traineeship Program.

Throughout her Traineeship Nicole has overcome some significant challenges, with her second child just seven months old when she started her Traineeship, moving houses twice during 2023 and having a second job to subsidise her income whilst receiving Trainee wages.

Nicole is currently working at Liverpool Hospital with a typical day seeing her complete a range of duties including file management, working collaboratively with nurses and ward staff, scheduling appointments and ensuring patients have all the resources required as they are discharged from hospital.

Nicole is motivated by setting a great example for her children and providing a better life for her family. Her hard work and determination saw her complete her TAFE work four months ahead of schedule – whilst successfully juggling her work placement, second job, childcare and being a dedicated and loving mother for her one year old and eight year old children.

Nicole paid tribute to the support network which enabled her to pursue her training and career aspirations with SWSLHD.

Nicole Mason, Health Administration Trainee

Some days I really struggled to push through but I got support when I needed it through my family, teachers, mentors and colleagues. I will always be more grateful than they will ever know and I wouldn’t have got this far without their generous support and belief in me.

Lowana Longbottom, Barranggirra Program Manager has been part of Nicole’s training journey throughout 2023 and explained Nicole was an inspiration to her family and community.

"Nicole’s resilience and work ethic is so inspiring. She has met every challenge head on and has thrived in her Traineeship with SWSLHD", Lowana said.

After completing her Traineeship early next year, Nicole plans to move to a full-time administration role within Liverpool Hospital and continue developing her skills and training within the health sector. She will be supported by the Barranggirra Program for a further 6 months after completing her Traineeship to ensure a successful transition into the next chapter of her career.

Souths Cares Barranggirra Program is proudly supported by Training Services NSW.

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