A Full-Hooped Tradition is Reborn

The South Sydney Rabbitohs will pay tribute to the Club’s 116-year history in 2024, with the Club returning to the full-hooped jersey for both it’s home and away jerseys in the beckoning season.

For the first time since 2006, the Rabbitohs will return to the full cardinal red and myrtle green hoops on the jersey, returning to a tradition that stretches back to the foundations of the sport in this country in 1908.

Since 1908 until 2006, the Rabbitohs have worn jerseys that featured full, unbroken hoops, worn like armour protecting the men that went into battle for the people of South Sydney.

John Sutton wearing the 2006 Rabbitohs Home Jersey

The full hoops were worn by 20 premiership-winning teams since 1908, including the likes of Clive Churchill, Jack Rayner, Arthur Hennessy, George Treweeke, Alf Blair, John Sattler, Ron Coote, Eric Simms, Bob McCarthy, Mario Fenech and Luke Stuart, to name just a few.

Mario Fenech wearing the 1990 Rabbitohs Jersey

In recent seasons, the home and away jerseys have featured black or white panels respectively down both sides of the jersey, effectively breaking the jersey in half – front and back.

Cameron Murray wearing the 2023 Rabbitohs Home Jersey

Now, in 2024, the most recent group of men to represent South Sydney will have the opportunity to wear full hoops as they return in a time-honoured tradition belonging to the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

These stunning home and away jerseys, constructed by the team at Classic Sportswear, will have four cardinal red hoops and four myrtle green hoops surrounding the jersey, with the green hoops twice as thick as the red, as is tradition with the South Sydney jersey since the 1900s. The shoulders will be myrtle green and the sleeves will continue with the red and green hoops design. The jerseys will continue to feature the black rabbit on the chest of the home jersey, and the white rabbit over the heart on the away jersey.



2024 Mens Home Jersey


The Evolution of the Rabbitohs Jersey

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