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Paul ‘Woody’ Wood Waving the Red & Green Flag

The Bunnymobile

Meet Paul Wood. Originally hailing from the South Sydney stronghold of Surry Hills, he now calls Grafton his home. He also calls himself Woody, although not everyone in Grafton would know him by his name, they definitely know of him. After all, he’s the guy who drives the ‘Bunnymobile.’ 

“Yeah they call it the Bunnymobile,” smiles Woody.

“Not everyone in Grafton know me, but they know my car!”     

After purchasing the Ford Courier back in 2011, Woody’s now clocked up 230,000 kilometres in the space of 8 years, with most of the mileage being credited to regular visits to Redfern Oval and Rabbitohs games. 

On this occasion, Woody’s expedition was one involving the latest piece of memorabilia on his beloved Bunnymobile. 

“I came down from Grafton to get a flag signed that I had made up for the truck,” said Woody.

“Get all the boys to sign it before the start of the season. All the new guys as well.” 

His truck isn’t alone when it comes to being decked out in Red & Green. Woody’s got the shoes and shirts to match, along with something a little more permanent. A Rabbitohs tattoo, listed with the years of all 21 Premierships. 
“I got it done years ago,” he said.

“Then, when we won the Grand Final in 2014 instead of just listing that year on there I thought, ‘I’ll put the whole lot, every year that we’ve won it. 

“Hopefully, sooner or later I can put a 2019 or 2020 on there.” 

We hope so too, Woody.