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Souths Cares And Chifley Public School Create Films About Healthy Lifestyles

Over the past two days Chifley Public School, The University of Sydney and Souths Cares have been working together to create animated films which promote healthy nutrition and active lifestyles.

The ‘Animations for Health’ program is now in its third year and continues to be a highlight for the Souths Cares team and our community partners.

The program brings together primary school students, University students, professional animators and Souths Cares mentors to create animated films which explain important health promotion issues.

Paul Whittaker, Assistant Principal at Chifley School explained the program was a creative way to engage with the students.

"The Animations for Health Program has been amazing. Our students had two days to create 10 short films and the end results have exceeded everyone’s expectations," said Whittaker. 

The effort shown by the Chifley Public School students was outstanding, as Souths Cares staff member Alex Mecham explained.

"The students worked extremely hard to develop their animations and edit their content. We can’t wait to show their work to other students and share the positive messages about healthy nutrition and active lifestyles," said Mecham.

Souths Cares would like to thank our program partners; Chifley Public School, University of Sydney (School of Public Health) and Conceptavision.


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