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Rabbitohs Engage Local School Students

The Rabbitohs playing group yesterday (Monday) visited 26 primary schools in the local area to help encourage students and teach them about respect and diversity as a part of the NRL's Community Carnival.

Thousands of students got a chance to interact with their favourite Rabbitohs before sitting through a presentation to inspire them to achieve more and embrace diversity. It's an interaction with the local community that Rabbitohs centre Bryson Goodwin thinks is especially important. 

"It's very important to spread the message to the kids," said Goodwin.

"We're giving good messages to help young kids and make other kids feel welcome. They listen to us as role models so we're trying to set a good example for them."

Students and staff were ecstatic to break from routine classes for the fun sessions with the Rabbitohs.

"It was good fun. The kids were really excited in there," said Rabbitohs forward Sam Burgess.

"It's a good bit of fun interaction. Hopefully if it gets a few talking to different kids in the day then it's been a success."

The partnership with the Rabbitohs doesn't end with the visit. Schools can join in on the Rabbitohs Champion Program - A new initiative designed to strength the communication and engagement between the Rabbioh and school, club and community groups.

A Rabbitohs Champion will become our voice and direct contact within a school, club or community group. We will work closely with the lucky ‘Champion’ by providing them with Rabbitohs promotional, marketing and giveaways for their group throughout the year.

The Champion will also be recognised for their valued work and receive a ‘Champion Membership’ that includes a Rabbitohs polo, an invitation to ‘VIP Champion’ only events and more!

You can register to be a Rabbitohs Champion here!

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