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MEMBERZONE: In his words: Braidon Burns Recaps His NRL Debut

I found out that I would be making my debut last Monday. We had video and at the end of the session ‘Madge’ (Michael Maguire) asked me to stay behind. I was waiting outside and sort of knew it was either him saying that I was going to play or I wasn’t going to play so I was sitting there and feeling pretty nervous. He came back in and I was actually shaking. That’s when he told me I was going to play.

I just lost it. I started tearing up and got pretty emotional. Everyone works so hard to try and make it to the NRL and that feeling that you have finally made it is pretty full on. We had a bit of a chat and I regathered myself before we hit the field for training.

The first person I shared my news with was my girlfriend Kayla. I told her as soon as I could and then waited until that night to tell my family. I sent a message to my Aunty who passed on the news to my Nan. I think they were pretty proud. For Nan, I’m not sure she fully understood what it meant but for my Aunty she was ecstatic as she is a Manly supporter and I was going up against her team. Despite her alliances with the opposition, she kept telling me how proud she was.

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