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Like Father, Like Son

When Cody Walker’s two kids, Kian and Kade, wake up on Christmas morning they’ll already have a good idea of what’s waiting under the tree for them. Like many Rabbitohs Members, they’ll be gleefully sorting through plenty of Red and Green swag when they tear open their Membership Packs.

Cody and his partner Nellie grew up with footy being a central part of their lives. Nellie grew up only two streets away from Redfern Oval whilst Cody’s upbringing in Casino revolved around barefoot matches with his young mates.

Since Cody’s debut with the Rabbitohs in 2016, 5-year old Kian and 3-year old Kade have started to feel the same passion for footy as their parents did growing up. Kian currently plays for the Redfern All Blacks while Kade is likely going to play his first game in 2018.

This year Cody signed up his two sons as Rabbitohs Members only two days after 2018 Membership became available. It’s a phenomenon a lot of Rabbitohs Members can relate to; the passing down of the Red and Green spirit from an older relative or a long-time mate.

Sign up as a Member before Friday 17 November to get your Membership Pack delivered before Christmas!

“They’ve just recently jumped on the bandwagon of being Souths Members, they’re very passionate about footy,” said Walker.

“We grew up in a footy house hold, they’re very proud of what I’ve achieved over the last couple of years and they follow my every step.

“They’re always pointing out anything and everything that has to do with Souths.

“Every time they get something from the Rabbitohs they wear it with so much pride and whenever they see a sticker on someone’s car they always yell out ‘Bunnies Dad, Bunnies!’”

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