2014 Premiership-winning Rabbitohs and new Rabbitohs Pathways Wellbeing Manager, Jason Clark, has embarked on an epic mission to help raise money for Kyle Turner’s family and a Trust fund being set up to support his children.

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The Rabbitohs, Souths Cares, the Family of league and Kyle’s manager, Steve Gillis, have joined forces to establish the Trust fund for the Turner children which will be used to support their ongoing education and health expenses.

Part of the fundraising efforts is an online auction and a live auction which will be part of fundraising lunch being held this Friday 3 November at The Juniors Kingsford, including some very special items sourced by Clark.

Clark has been chasing up his former teammates to sign some jerseys and frames made especially for this fundraising event, celebrating the 2014 Premiership-winning team of which he was a part.

Clark has travelled all over Sydney and twice to Brisbane to collect the signatures of all the surviving members of the Grand Final team, along with then-Head Coach Michael Maguire and teammate Issac Luke who was desperately unlucky not to play on the big day.

Clark said it’s been an amazing experience tracking down his former teammates, some of which live in England and New Zealand.

“Everyone (in the organising committee) said how are we going to get them signed?” Clark said.

“Everyone sort of looked at me and said ‘Maybe you can do it?’

“I said: ‘I’ll do it, because it’s going to be worth it.’

“So I started writing up a list of the boys I needed to visit. I’ve been away for five years and I haven’t spoken to everyone regularly but I’ve always tried to stay in contact.

“It was hard (to get to everyone) but it was so worth it.

“Dylan Walker is over from New Zealand. I had a big trip up to Brisbane, twice, one big one to see six of the boys up there and I had a great catch up with all of those boys, and then Chris McQueen was my last who had just arrived back from England on Saturday. I flew up there on Sunday in the morning, got his last signature, got it done, and then I flew back.

“Today I head out to icons of Sport to get it all framed because they’re going to do a great job for it.”

Click here to see all of the ways you can Support Kyle Turner's Family

Clark said the hard work has been all worthwhile.

“I can’t wait to see the attraction it brings. These have got a bit of blood, sweat and tears on it from my end but it’s so worth it because I’ve watched every signature go onto these jumpers and these cards. It’s going to be exciting to hear that auctioneer when it finishes.”

Clark said catching up with his former teammates was special and he hopes a few of them can make it to the event on Friday at The Juniors Kingsford.

“I saw Big Bully (Issac Luke), Dave Tyrrell, bid LT (Lote Tuqiri) was there as well. It was like no time had passed. Just the memories that came up from that 2014 period and the different things was so good to do, and I think for the other boys too.

“I started a WhatsApp group (for the Brisbane-based players) so we could all stay in contact and they’ve kept that WhatsApp group up and they’re all catching up and staying together and organising training sessions together and they’ll all catch up and have dinner.

“This (the money raised) will go into a Trust for his kids which is important for everyone to know. There’s going to be donations, there’s going to be ticket sales, there’s going to be auction items, it’s all going to go to a great cause.”

The Rabbitohs are aiming to raise $100,000-plus for the Trust fund for Kyle’s children.

You can play your part by bidding on the online auction, purchasing tickets to Friday’s lunch at The Juniors Kingsford, or by simply making a donation.

Click here to see all of the ways you can Support Kyle Turner's Family

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