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Do you know the hobbies of your Rabbitohs? From fishing, to movies, to hanging with the family, we take you through some of your Rabbitohs favourite things to do!


Cody Walker

"Cruising with the family and watching my little fella play footy"

Alex Johnston

"Cinemas, beach, Netflix"


Moonlight Cinema was chillll. Love me some Disney! #Moana

A photo posted by AJ (@alexjohnston95) on

Robbie Farah

"Cooking, fishing, movies"


Nothing better than a homemade Lebanese breakfast! \ud83d\udc4c\ud83c\udffb

A photo posted by Robbie Farah (@robbiefarah) on

Aaron Gray

"Fishing, riding motorbikes and going to the beach"

Hymel Hunt

"Going to the beach, chilling with family, PS4 (FIFA)"


Cheeky selfie with the bro \ud83d\ude0e\ud83e\udd17 #CoogeeRecovery #AzzaGotBooty

A photo posted by Hymel Hunt (@hymelhunt) on

Robbie Rochow

"Fishing, beach"


Good day to get the dust off the boat @darkhorseespresso

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