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We asked your Rabbitohs - If I wasn’t playing Rugby League for a living, I would be...

Check out their answers below:


Nathan Brown - a Lawyer


George Burgess - Travelling the world with the circus


Thomas Burgess - Living in France


Jason Clark - A Carpenter


Angus Crichton - Finishing my uni degree four years earlier


Jack Gosiewski - Travelling the world


Aaron Gray - Probably a Personal Trainer or studying


Hymel Hunt - At uni studying or working in an office


Greg Inglis - Playing another sport


Zane Musgrove - A truck driver


Cameron McInnes - Trying to start a small business


Alex Johnston - At uni studying hard


Kyle Turner - A primary school teacher


Dane Nielsen - A fisherman


Michael Oldfield - Working in a bank


Adam Reynolds - Probably working for Leichhardt Council still


John Sutton - Living in Hawaii


Siosifa Talakai - Fat and ugly working with my brother


David Tyrrell - An Electrician