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You've Got To Back Your Defence: Maguire

Rabbitohs head coach Michael Maguire says his side is looking forward to continue their three game winning streak down in Melbourne, praising the effort his players have put in the last month.

Maguire highlighted the efforts of the forward pack, which had been allowing the rest of the team to score points, which has been evident as the side has piled on 90 points in the last three games.  

“I think our forwards have been laying the platform for our players. Zane (Musgrove) and Tom (Burgess) along with Cam Murray coming into the team have really set a good platform for our halves to play off the back of,” he said.

“I think that’s a big part of the game which allows us to complete our sets and we’ve captured that in the last month and we’ve got to continue that now to give ourselves the opportunity to put pressure on the opposition."

Maguire also cited commitment in defence as a big factor for his side’s turnaround in form.

“That rolls into your defence. I think at times our defence has been really strong but I think the consistency in our defence is something we’re really looking forward to work on in Melbourne.

"To have success against teams that are completing well is where you’ve got to back your defence and I think our big boys in the middle are working harder than they have been, and it’s really pleasing to see that effort being rewarded.

"I think the value that the boys have been putting into the little things is adding to the things we’ve been doing this last month, and we’re going to have to be good at those these week.

“Obviously we want to hold onto the momentum we’ve got at the moment, it’s been enjoyable to see the players enjoy this period, it’s why you play footy. It’s about getting out there and playing your best, having a great performance and getting the win.

"It’s a really good opportunity for us to go down to Melbourne and play a good brand of footy”.

While the youngsters have been a talking point for the Rabbitohs this season, Maguire was pleased with the role that the senior players of the squad had on the up and comers.

“I think he younger guys have definitely been playing their part and they bring their energy but the senior guys have got to help direct and guide the young guys to what they need to be doing, so having Sam back into the team this week will add a little bit of leadership around along with John Sutton, Bryson Goodwin and Adam Reynolds, and all those players are playing their part and that adds to allowing those youngers guys to being able to do their job.”

Halfback Adam Reynolds is just three points shy of hitting the 1000 points mark, and his coach was confident that he would be able to achieve the milestone on Saturday night.

“As long as he gets his radar right, he’ll be able to achieve it. We’re looking to try and get some good attack going so we can score some tries and get him the chance to kick some goals, but if he really captures his running game he’ll get the opportunity to go over the white line.

"It’d be great to see Adam do it. He’s a Souths junior and spent a lot of his time working on his kicking so it would nice to see him do it.”

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