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Why do you hate the Roosters?

This article was first seen on and was written by Tony Webeck 


It is the hashtag that sums up the Roosters’ disdain for anyone associating with cardinal and myrtle in just 12 characters.

Luke Ricketson probably started it.

‘Random Souths Guy’ has his own tone of ridicule in the social media space but as a Rabbitohs supporter, I can say that I heartily embrace him.

I took my Souths jersey across Europe and Africa but #lolatSouffs? That makes my bunny blood boil like only a Roosters insult can.

It consigns us to a lower position of social standing; it is the latte-loving Bondi boys and bimbos condemning us because of our honest, hardworking ethos and ability to fight on without a family trust fund from which to begin from.

I sense the same sentiment in the Broncos-Titans modern rivalry.

My father played for Kenso and my uncle all the way to the reserves with the red and green which is why the Roosters rivalry is so deeply ingrained.

They think they’re better than us.

Scratch that. In their minds, Roosters fans have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they are a better class of human being.

Which is why the 2014 Preliminary Final will forever hold an exalted place in my heart.

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