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Westfield Eastgardens Fan Event

Rabbitohs Members and supporters, decked out in their red and green apparel, came out in numbers for another successful fan event on the weekend at Westfield Eastgardens.

The day was a huge success with the full squad making an appearance, signing autographs and taking photos with some of the Rabbitohs loyal.

 “It’s always good to see the kids smiling, half of the reason we go out there and play footy is for the fans so it’s amazing to see them,” said Hymel Hunt.

His comments were backed up by his teammates, describing the Members and fans as a loyal and passionate group.

The day was also an opportunity for the new players to meet the Rabbitohs Members. Robbie Rochow was pleased to have the chance to meet a couple of fans and can’t wait to get out there next year in their company. 

“It’s my first event seeing some of the Members and fans at Souths, it’s an incredibly loyal group and it’s great to meet a few of them,” said Rochow.

With Aaron Gray pointing out that he will need more wrist rehab after signing so many autographs, he also said it is for a good cause.

“It’s always a good time to see and meet some of the Members and fans down here at the fan day so it’s good,” he said.

“I’ll have to do some more wrist rehab after this day but it is all for a good cause so can’t wait.”

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