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We’re Going To Repay The Faith Of Our Members: Richardson

General Manager of Football Shane Richardson believes only positives can lay ahead for the Rabbitohs after a difficult year. Richardson declares that we’re going to repay the faith of our loyal Members for their support in 2016.

The veteran administrator of 26 years shared his wisdom on how tough results in a difficult season can provide benefits to the Club in a more substantial way than finishing higher up the table.

“You learn a lot more from adversity than you ever do from winning,” said Richardson.

“The reality is that you’re going to have those tough years. There’s a lot of reasons and excuses and injuries or otherwise in the season that’s gone by - but to me it was a very difficult year for everybody concerned.

“As I said, out of that is what lies ahead of us: There’s nothing but positive.”

Richardson has faith that a strong administration built behind the football squad is developing a winning culture. A culture that is topped off by the proud Members that stand beside the team through thick and thin.

In 2016 the Rabbitohs were supported by more than 32,000 Members. Richardson points to their resolute support during this tough season as a characteristic he believes deserves recognition. 

“I know that in the darkest times this year the real Members stood up. They were emailing and making positive statement constantly to me and the team about where we would be,” explained Richardson.

“We’re going to repay you with a performance next year.

“We’ll repay you and we’ll repay you well,

“Because we will win number 22 in the next few seasons.”

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