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We Need To Be Clinical Against Cowboys

Describing the Club as a strong defensive side, Tyrell Fuimaono admits that there were areas that let the team down and that the answer is to be more clinical in order to make a run for the finals.

“We did let ourselves down a bit last week,” said Fuimaono.

“That’s our main focus this week to take a good look at ourselves and areas where we need to improve and put that on the field hopefully this weekend.

“We just need to be really clinical at times. We let ourselves go and some of the things that we pride ourselves on as a defensive Club weren’t there at times and that affected us in the long term.

“My main focus is to take a really good look at the game and video with Madge and as a team put our best performance together.”

Teammate Zane Musgrove agreed with the reflection of missed opportunities and like Fuimaono is putting the result behind him as they focus on the next game.  

“There are a few opportunities that we didn’t take in the game and it cost us but we are all focused on this week,” explained Musgrove.

“At this stage we are still keeping positive on finals footy. The past is the past, you can’t change that and we can only focus on this week and what we can control.”

The teams focus now turns to Sunday with the Rabbitohs playing their Round 19 home game up in Cairns against the North Queensland Cowboys.

“I’m really excited to be honest,” said Fuimaono.

“I really like Cairns and I’ve been there a couple of times on holiday so it will be really exciting to get to play up there and this will be my first time with South Sydney so I hear we have a good support network up there and hopefully we can put in a good performance for them up there.”

View the full interview with Fuimaono in the video player above. 

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