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We Have A Great Opportunity: Furner

Rabbitohs assistant coach David Furner says it was an easy decision to join up with ex-schoolmate and Canberra Raiders teammate Michael Maguire to help coach a hard-working Rabbitohs squad that are hungry for success.

Furner, along with fellow assistant coach Anthony Seibold, has been getting to know the playing squad in the first eight weeks of preseason and has been impressed by the commitment of the players.

"Coming from the outside, I'm looking at a group that has got that work ethic and want to train really hard," said Furner.

"The history is all around in the changeroom so for a coach to be involved in such a successful and professional Club it's a very good opportunity."

"We've still got to work hard before the season starts. Obviously getting combinations together is a really important thing for the team but from my point of view it's about getting to know the players."

On his decision to leave the North Queensland Cowboys to work with Michael Maguire at the Rabbitohs, it was an easy decision for the former Raiders forward. Furner cites his long relationship with Maguire as one of the key factors of bringing his skills to Redfern.

"I've known Madge for quite a while - we actually went to the same school together, St Edmund's College Canberra, but also played together at the Raiders," said Furner.

"When talks were between Madge and myself about having an opportunity it was a pretty easy decision for me to work with Madge and work the Club."

"Obviously we want success - not only the players do but the coaches and the Club too."

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