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We Are A Building Side: Crichton

Angus Crichton reflected on last week’s performance against the Storm and explained that the kind of footy displayed on Saturday is not what they want to be playing.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush,” Crichton stated.

“It was obviously not one of our strongest performances. It was pretty disappointing not only as players but for our Members and all of our supporters. It’s not the kind of footy we want to be playing but I guess that shows the benchmark and where we need to get to.”

Crichton is taking each performance as it comes and it trying hard to improve when it comes to each game in order to prepare for a better season next year.

“With me being a young fella in the team, I’m just taking every game as it comes and still try and improve my performances week in, week out so we’ve got a lot of young players like myself that are trying to do the same thing.

“We are a building side, we’ve got a really strong squad coming through so me being a part of that, I’m just trying to build that as much as I can for next year so that we can have the best year possible in 2018.”

The final game this Friday night against the Eels will be a last Rabbitohs game for a few players with Crichton pointing out the departure of Bryson Goodwin and his efforts this season.

“Last game of the season, we’ve got a few guys leaving at the end of the year.

“Bryson Goodwin is a massive one, he has been unreal for us all season so hopefully we will be able to send him out in good style.”

View the full interview with Crichton in the video player above.

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