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Walk4BrainCancer With Cameron Murray

Cameron Murray has penned a letter to our Members inviting them to the Walk4BrainCancer charity event to walk with him for 'Team Hugo' and raise much needed funds for brain cancer research.


To the Members, fans, family and friends.

My family and I will be at Centennial Park on Sunday the 5th of November to participate in the Walk4BrainCancer fundraiser event. We are raising awareness and much needed funds for research into the prevention, treatment and cure of this relentless disease and we need your help!

We’ll be walking as ‘Team Hugo’ and would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make, as we aim to raise as much money as possible.

Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease, and yet 90% of the population are completely unaware of this.*

In the past 30 years brain cancer survival rates have barely increased (only a mere 1%) and the treatments used are the same treatments that have been used for the last 30 years.

Only 2 in 10 people that are diagnosed with this disease survive past 5 years after being diagnosed, and only 1 out of 10 people diagnosed with glioblastoma (the most aggressive cancer that begins within the brain) will survive 5 years.

Yet, this disease is one of the most underfunded out of all cancers, receiving less than 5% of federal government cancer research funding.

So, to show your support and make your contribution in fighting a disease that has, and will continue to affect far too many families within our community, please donate through the link that is provided below.

As well as your donation, I invite anybody from the extended Rabbitohs family to join our team and walk with us at Centennial Park for what should be a great day. (Instructions for this are below)

Thank you,
Cameron Murray.

*Source Cure Brain Cancer research of 1,010 nationally representative Australian adults aged 18+ July 2014.

Donate by clicking here!

Join our team and Walk4BrainCancer with me by clicking here!

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