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This Club's A Resilient Club: Burgess

George Burgess is positive the South Sydney Rabbitohs can finish on a high as they prepare for last five games of the regular season.

Although the recent results have created a challenging period for the team, the Club has been through worse and Burgess is confident the team will be able to work through it.

“The Club wasn’t even in the competition not too long ago so we’ve gone through worse than what we are going through now so I’m confident that we can stick together and we’ll work through it,” said Burgess.

 “We’ve just got to be resilient, really stick together as a group. It has been a challenging period for us as a team and as a Club. This Club’s a resilient Club, the fans are as well.”

With news surrounding the return of Jarryd Hayne, Burgess trusts Haynes return to the NRL is a good thing for the sport and for the fans but questions Hayne’s rugby league fitness against reports he could play as early as this weekend.

“It’s always good to see superstars of the game come back and for him to be in our competition, it’s a good thing,”  

“It would be good to see him out there this Sunday but I don’t know how fit he’ll be. He’s been playing different sports so I don’t if he will be that rugby league fit but you know he’s a pretty good athlete so I’m sure he can adjust to the pace.”

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