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This Clash Has Always Been A Great One: Maguire

Michael Maguire is excited for this afternoon’s round seven clash against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs describing the Good Friday game as one that is really enjoyable and a game that players really want to play in.

“This clash has always been a great one,” explained Maguire.

“Good Friday, obviously big crowd, we get a lot of people coming across from the Easter show, and we get a lot of support from our fans as well so looking forward to it, it is always a game that is really enjoyable.

“I think all players enjoy these sort of games, obviously there is a lot more media around these games, a lot of hype around the streets and a lot more talk about the Good Friday game, and they are games that players really want to play in.

“Canterbury (Bankstown Bulldogs) are a really strong team, they have a big team, we know it’s going to be a really tough encounter through the forwards and on the edges they have a bit of speed too. It’s going to be a good clash this one.”

Maguire touched on the team’s development and how his side has grown throughout the first few rounds.

“We’re a real growing team, probably bar round one we’ve been really in the fight.

“We’ve had really good patches through games and on the weekend obviously we were able to pull away at the end there with Adam (Reynolds) kicking that field goal, but there are still areas in our game where we have to be more consistent, if we get that consistency in our good patches, you know we can be a really strong team.

With Maguire spoiled for choice in the hooker position, both players in contention have seen the starting line up with Cook adding his third match this Good Friday.

“At the moment, they (Damien Cook and Robbie Farah) are pretty similar really, Cookie has been able to get a bit of a starting role at the moment and has been able to provide a good starting position, not to say that might not change down the track.

“I’ve been really pleased with how Cookie has been going and both Robbie and Cookie have been working hard to be on the field. Having them out there with the experience of Robbie coming on later, teams are fatigued and his smarts around the ruck really adds to what we are doing.

Maguire also mentions the combination of Cody Walker and John Sutton and how he is pleased with the way they have been playing.

“He (Cody Walker) is playing off the back of a lot of hard work, he has put a lot of hard work over the last two years and he is really getting the rewards for it.

“I think the bloke playing inside him, John Sutton is a real good assistant for him around in those positions. John spent a lot of time in the halves and now has that back row role but he can get a bit of momentum and Cody can play off the back of that too.”

View the full interview with Maguire in the video player above. 

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