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They're Raising The Standards: Maguire

Head Coach Michael Maguire says his Rabbitohs have earned their Christmas break after pushing hard daily since preseason started in November.

Maguire applauded the commitment of his squad to reaching new standards during training, competing hard and having a positive attitude during preparation for the 2017 NRL Season.

"The competition on the park has been great, they've competed extremely well and we've laid a platform now to move into January," explained Coach Maguire.

"They've been very committed to everything that we've been doing and it's been quite enjoyable seeing the happy faces around the place pushing hard. 

"The boys have earned their break. They'll go away and refresh, enjoy family time and spend a bit of time relaxing but coming back in good shape ready to go again."

With the influx of new players and coaches, Maguire is happy with the way each individual has aligned themselves with the Club philosophy. 

"There is a big emphasis on building relationships from assistant coaches to conditioning staff, I see that the players have really bought into everything that we've been doing," said Maguire.

"They understand what we're trying to achieve everyday and they've committed to all the little areas of what we expect of each other."

"There is a high expectation amongst each other when we turn up to work so it's a good place."

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