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They Beat Some Good Sides And Beat Them Well: Brown

Newcastle Knights Head Coach Nathan Brown commends the Rabbitohs and their recent performances in the last month believing the side has great potential moving into the 2017 season.

The Rabbitohs put on a strong performance on Sunday afternoon, defeating the Knights six tries to two and producing a dominant impact in both defence and attack.  

“I thought a real positive for us was that we played a side that are playing well,” said Brown.

“If they had been playing like they’ve have been in the past month I think we’d all agree on they’d probably be in the eight.”

Brown considers the Rabbitohs have pulled themselves together and compared them to other sides in the league in his post-match press conference.

“I think their last month of footy, they’ve beat some good sides and beat them well.

“We competed hard today, we weren’t smart at some times which I definitely think we’ll all agree that we had some parts of our game where we could have done a little smarter but we’ve played other sides and if we’d been quite as good as we were today I think we could have picked up one or two.

“Cody Walker is developing and with Reynolds back, Inglis at full-back, it’s a pretty fair spine to work with and all the Burgess boys playing well and some younger players they’ve got coming in so I think if you’re a Souths fan, I think you’d be feeling comfortable that you’re going to move forward.”  

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