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The Younger Players Have Stepped Up: Sutton

John Sutton says each of the 2017 debutants have stepped up and is impressed with the younger players and their performances throughout the year.

“I’ve been really impressed with the young players,” explained Sutton.

“Cam Murray, Angus (Crichton), Big Zano (Musgrove), Tyrell (Fuimaono), they’ve all stepped up and it’s going to be good for them for the rest of this year and going into next year.”

Coming off three consecutive wins, Suttons explains the good atmosphere around training and how the team has simplified their game which he believes has added to the recent success.

“It’s been good. The last couple of weeks we have played good football.

“We’ve just been playing really simple and just making sure we are completing our sets and defending up so we’ve just got to keep doing that.”

As the Rabbitohs hit the road to travel down south to take on the Melbourne Storm, Sutton is excited for the game and describes it as a good test for his side.

“It’s the same prep but it’s going to be a big game. They are competition leaders and it’s going to be a good test for us.”

Watch the full interview with Sutton in the video player above. 

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