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The Greatest Rabbitohs Nicknames

With the 'Hayne Plane' landing back in the NRL we take a look back at some of the classic nicknames to come from your Red & Green men!

Check out a few of our favourites and let us know who we've missed!


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Alf 'Smacker' Blair

The noted journalist Claude Corbett said of him, "He was beyond doubt the finest rugby league captain Sydney club football has ever known. He had an uncanny intuition of positional play." 

And no doubt one of the finest rugby league nicknames.


Mark 'Rhino' Ellison

Mostly known as 'Ello' but among teammates he was known as 'Rhino' after having his nose broken in consecutive weeks leading to a massive bump on his nose.


Clive 'The Little Master' Churchill

A nickname that needs no explaining.

Mark 'Spudd' Carroll

Nickname 'Spudd'... Origin Unknown.


Dean 'Crinkle' Ramplin

A nickname that we're told was due to the shape of his ears.


Terry 'The Redfern Express' Fahey

This 185cm powerful winger was said to have run like a train. 


Michael 'Eddie' Andrews

'Eddie' came from his teammates belief he resembled Eddie Munster.


Luke 'Baz' Stuart

'Baz', short for 'Barry Blow Wave' - A reference to Stuart's earlier career hair style.


Peter 'The Yak' Cusack

The Yak! An immaculate nickname for the tough prop.


Mario 'Test Match' Fenech

Before he was know as 'The Falcon', Mario was nicknamed 'Test Match' by his teammates due to his approach to training as if it were an actual Test Match.


Dave 'Hookey' Boyle

Another nose related nickname... Dave 'Hookey' Boyle got his name after a big knock left his nose looking like a hook.

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