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The Graduate

Already boasting a bachelor in teaching and a Masters in Education, Rabbitohs Head Coach Anthony Seibold recently had the opportunity to study at the esteemed Harvard University.

Enrolling in a leadership course called ‘How To Build Effective Teams’, ‘Seibs’ achieved a goal he set himself a long time ago.

“I’ve got a real growth mindset, I’ve done a Bachelor of Teaching, I’ve done a Masters of Education and I’ve always wanted to get over Harvard and do a course,” said Seibold.

“It was just about reinforcing some key learnings and also taking away one or two things that we can use here at the Rabbitohs.”

The only sporting professional partaking in the course ‘Seibs’ mixed with key members from “all walks of life”.

“I wanted to put myself in that environment because there weren’t other sporting people there,” said Seibold.

“It was about learning from the industry itself and I got exposed to some really high end people during the course. The whole idea was to challenge our way of thinking.”

‘Seibs’ also took the opportunity to see and experience a couple of American sports outfits, meeting with the New York Nets general manager Sean Marks and the minority owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Christina Lurie.

“It was great day at the Nets training facility and spending time with their recruitment staff and general manager who makes decisions in and around recruitment and retention,” said Seibold.

“Myself and Ben Rogers were on the side of the field for the pre-game warm up and a section of the first quarter. That was great experience seeing how the coaches and players operate with each other.”

With the Rabbitohs having returned to training Seibold will get his first opportunity to share his Harvard certified knowledge with his coaching staff and players as they prepare for the new season.

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