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Souths Cares Connecting Job-seekers With Employers

Souths Cares’ expanded influence in Western Sydney is yielding results, with the Charity having already helped 58 local Indigenous job-seekers to find work across a number of industries.

Since Souths Cares expanded their services owing to demand to include the Western Sydney catchment last year, 20 job-seekers have entered the construction industry, 13 to hospitality, five to administration roles, while another five have found work in community services.

As an Aboriginal Employment Advisor with the New Careers for Aboriginal People Program (NCAP)*, Souths Cares’ Lesley Mingare has helped the aforementioned workers to achieve their goals.

Lesley is responsible for delivering a range of services to assist Aboriginal people in identifying and overcoming any barriers they may have to gain employment and or training, and is working hard to build on the early success.

“I will be out and about in Western Sydney developing and building on existing partnerships with a number of stakeholders, especially local employers,” said Lesley.

“Souths Cares’ commitment to community will be in its delivery of over 450 job and training placements to Aboriginal people in Western Sydney over the next three years.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are just the same as everyone else.  They have their challenges just like we all do, but that is what I’m here to help them with.”

The Souths Cares NCAP Program has also received strong support from Kari Aboriginal Resources through network and logistical support.

Lesley encourages both workers from Sydney’s West and all prospective employers who would like to use Souths Cares’ service, to make contact with her by emailing at [email protected].

*The New Careers for Aboriginal People Program is funded by the NSW Government’s Department of Industry.

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