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Six ways to spot a 'Sydney' Roosters fan

Ah, the elusive 'Sydney' Roosters supporter.

Have you ever been to a party or gathering and met someone you get along with, only to find they're a supporter or our arch-nemesis? Ever wanted to avoid that awkward situation and disappointment?

Well, we have the solution for you - here are six ways to find out if someone supports the Roosters.


1. They've got a latte in hand


It's common knowledge that the Bondi natives are fond of their caffeinated beverages - particularly the latte.

If you're talking Rugby League with someone with a latte in hand - and if they complain about it mid-convo - you can bet they're a chook (and a sook).

To be honest, I prefer a cappuccino, but each to their own I guess.


2. They're always in the transit lounge


For some reason every time I'm at an airport I seem to find more people wearing Roosters jerseys than any other kind. Weird, right?

Historically the Roosters have been going in and out of transit lounges since the 1970s. I'm not really sure what this phenomenon is but there's gotta be a reasonable explanation behind it.

Maybe it's because they like being as far away from Allianz Stadium as possible...


3. They'll be wearing a sombrero


Again, there isn't a scientific explanation for this, but if there's a sombrero, there's surely a Roosters supporter wearing it.

Maybe it's the added sun protection, or maybe they're looking to go to Central America in the off-season, but whatever it is, the sombrero seems to be the headwear of choice in Bondi Junction.

In fact, I'm hearing that in the Roosters' 2019 membership there will be a choice between getting a scarf, a cap and of course, a sombrero.


4. "I've only been to one game all year"


Said the Roosters supporter who lives five minutes down the road from Moore Park.

Yep, it's that one person who's favourite player of all time is Anthony Minicchino, and still asks whether Blake Cordner is still playing in Origin for the NSW Waratahs.

Let's not forget they still fondly remember the 2004 championship victory against the New Zealand Crusaders - from the comfort of their couch.

Come on man, really?


5. They're bad at maths


Next time you suspect someone is a Roosters supporter ask them this: "What's greater, 21 or 13?"

If the answer is "21", continue the conversation. But if the answer is "Who cares, all that matters is this year!" along with a disgruntled look and a few tears rolling down their cheek, you've got yourself a Rooster.

Isn't envy a beautiful thing?


6. They're always in your shadow


As the sun casts itself down and your shadow looms along the footpath, you feel a presence beside you.

You feel uneasy but you keep walking. You tell yourself it's nothing, but it's still lingering.

So you turn around quickly only to find someone standing in your shadow in a full Roosters kit - including jersey, sombrero and a double shot latte after coming back from the transit lounge.

Don't worry though, because much like a spider or snake, they're more afraid of you than you are of them.

Just carry on with your day, they'll be there for a while though - some reckon they'll be there forever.



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