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Sam: Players Will Adapt to New Rules

Rabbitohs forward, Sam Burgess, is confident that the modern-day Rugby League player will adapt to new interchange rules introduced for 2016.

The NRL last year announced a reduction in the interchange, with the number going down from 10 to eight changes, while also announcing the introduction of a shot-clock for drop-outs and scrums.

The rules are expected to effectively bring about a greater fatigue factor that will not only serve to make the game more entertaining, but also safer.

Burgess, this morning (Wednesday) told Triple Ms Grill Team that he is certain that the changes will have an effect, but is unsure of how that will manifest.

“The rule changes I think will have an impact on the game – what (that) will be, I’m not sure yet,” said Burgess.

“My view to it is that I’m just going to get out there and play how I normally play and see how it goes.

“I think the modern-day athlete – they find a way to adapt, especially with all the help and support that we get through our staff.


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“They’ll find a way to maybe push out the extra 10 minutes. In my last season in 2014, I think I played 80 minutes in the majority of the games – it’ll be a good test on Sunday. We’ll see how the lungs are going.

“I think we’ll get better at it as players as the season goes on and I guess it’ll be managed better as well by the staff.”

Burgess was yesterday (Tuesday) named to play prop in Head Coach Michael Maguire’s team to take on the Sydney Roosters at Allianz Stadium on Sunday.

At the time of the announcement in July of 2015, NRL Head of Football, Todd Greenberg, said the reduction in interchanges combined with the shot clock would form a package that would give fans a more continuous and free-flowing game while ensuring the game became safer for the players.

“We think these changes are a significant first step because they will reward endurance and fitness and open up the game,” he said.

“As a result of these changes, there will be a greater emphasis on skill to complement power and size.

“We have conducted significant research into the evolution of, and current trends in, the game – how the players are getting bigger, faster and stronger, but more importantly what they will look like 10 years from now.

“We want the best football being played by the best footballers, and all our research points to these changes having a significant impact on the quality of games that our supporters deserve every week.”

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