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Redfern Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

South Sydney Rabbitohs physiotherapists, Steve Velovski and Eddie Farah, have opened the Redfern Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine clinic in the heart of Redfern specialising in multidisciplinary health and injury.

The clinic focuses on giving people an opportunity to get the same services of an elite rugby league player and aims to educate clients on the management of their injuries through the use of their on-site fully equipped gym and prescribing home exercise and management programs. 

Both Velovski and Farah have a vast history with the Club, Velovski joining the team in 2009 and Farah hitting the 10 year mark in 2016. 

“We’ve been part of this community for some time,” said Farah.

“We love the area and community, we’ve been around long enough to see it change and evolve and wanted to set something up to look after people in the community with the same service that our players can get."

Identifying the need for the service in the area, Velvoski and Farah opened the clinic in September with the aim of rehabilitating people long term and educating their clients to minimise the risk of reoccurring injuries.

“It’s a lot more involved, we apply the level of service that elite athletes get to everyday people,” explained Farah.

“We look at rehabilitating people long term by implementing exercises, as one example, to make sure they don’t break down again like we do with our players.  

"We treat the whole person and the whole injury not just the basic physio that most people do so it’s getting people better, stronger and keeping them that way.”

What services are available?

The clinic has a variety of services available, currently hosting two physiotherapists, a dietitian and massage therapist. However, Velovski and Farah have ambitions to grow the business to become a one-stop shop for all sports medicine related needs.  

“Rehabilitating an injury takes a partnership with a good physio and sometimes that might include involving a doctor or dietitian or massage therapist in part of their care whatever it might be,” said Farah.

“We currently have two physiotherapists, a dietitian and massage therapist and we are looking at building our team next year to include a podiatrist and sports doctor.  

“We want to involve these people to make sure you are getting everything sorted out through comprehensive care and rehabilitating properly.”

Who can book?

“Anyone can come and see us. Everyone has goals towards what they want to achieve and be,” explained Farah.  

“For some people it might just be playing backyard cricket with their kids, other people may be swimming a couple of kilometres on the weekend, playing social tennis, whatever it may be, people have their goals and we want to help them achieve those goals.

“Everyone’s got limitations, things they can’t do so you’d be surprised how many people have injuries that they don’t look after and they just put up with it because they are not sure what to do.

“We give you exercises and teach you how to manage your injury yourself.”

How to get in touch?

The clinic is located on the Ground Floor/140 Redfern Street in Redfern. Their website has an easy online booking system taking bookings from 7am - 7pm Monday - Friday and 8am - 1pm on Saturdays. The clinic will be open during the Christmas break, closing only on Public Holidays. 

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