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Random Souths Guy spotted in North Korea

You thought Random Souths Guy could get almost anywhere - but nobody expected him to get into North Korea.

There seems to be no boundaries that our man from the stands won’t cross to spread the Red and Green love across the globe.

Spotting the greatest supporter in the world has become a tradition amongst many Rugby League fans but the recent finding in Pyongyang was definitely unexpected.

It was made even more surprising that our Random Souths Guy was captured behind a camera.


Mark Hiney, a cameraman covering a Channel Nine 60 Minutes story, sports his South Sydney Rabbitohs hat wherever he goes. 

“I try to wear my Souths hat wherever I go,” said Mark. “I'm originally from Orange and used to play for the Orange CYMS, so I rotate between Orange CYMS hat and the Souths hat but the Rabbitohs hat definitely gets more attention.”

In many destinations, Mark gets recognised for his Red and Green pride but it seems the Rabbitohs burrow hasn't breached North Korea, until now.

 “If there is one country in the World where you are unlikely to find a Rabbitohs supporter I think I've found it,” Mark added.

“Not one person came up to me, it was one of the strange occurrences where people didn't mention it." 

Off to his next destination for filming, Mark, has once again packed all his Rabbitohs gear to flaunt across the planet.

“There is no better feeling than being recognised in my Cardinal and Myrtle gear and connecting with the Rabbitohs family across the world.”


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