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Rabbitstats: 2016 Rep Round

We break down the Representative Round performances of your Rabbitohs into numbers in this edition of Rabbitstats.

A total of seven Rabbitohs players took part in representative proceedings over the weekend, with Rabbitohs playing for Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, the Junior Kiwis, and City.

The weekend was characterised by strong Rabbitohs performances all around – particularly in the cases of Greg Inglis (Australia) and Aaron Gray (City), who played instrumental roles in their respective sides’ wins.

Check out the breakdown of each Rabbitohs’ performance from Representative Round.

Greg Inglis – Australia

Total Runs: 19

Metres Gained: 184

Tackle Busts: 7

Tackles: 10

Offloads: 1

Line-breaks: 2

Line-break Assists: 1

Tries: 1


Siosifa Talakai

Total Runs: 7

Metres Gained: 88

Tackle Busts: 4

Tackles: 13

Line-breaks: 1

Tries: 1


Kirisome Auva’a – Samoa

Total Runs: 14

Metres Gained: 163

Tackle Busts: 4

Tackles: 28


Michael Oldfield – Tonga

Total Runs: 10

Metres Gained: 124

Tackle Busts: 3

Tackles: 3


Tevita Cottrell – Fiji

Total Runs: 3

Metres Gained: 34

Tackle Busts: 1

Tackles: 12


Aaron Gray – City

Total Runs: 11

Metres Gained: 126

Tackle Busts: 5

Tackles: 4

Offloads: 1

Line-breaks: 2

Tries: 4


Nathan Brown – City

Total Runs: 8

Metres Gained: 82

Tackles: 26

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