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Rabbitohs Support CSJ leMoNaiD

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make leMoNaiD of course! Rabbitohs Members and supporters will have the opportunity to help raise money for the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND) this Friday night when we take on the Eels at ANZ Stadium, thanks to a determined young lady and her CSJ leMoNaiD stand.

When Juliette Jones lost her grandfather to MND in 2014, the teenager wanted to contribute to the fight against the disease, so started a stand at an organic market to help raise money for MND research. Now, that fight will come to ANZ Stadium.

“I couldn’t believe that in our modern world there was no cure or treatment for people who got it, so I decided to start a leMoNaiD stand to raise money to help find a cure,” said Juliette.

“We’ll be selling our botted leMoNaiD at the ANZ Stadium, which is absolutely crazy. I’m really excited, so is my Mum and Dad and I’m just overwhelmed by it because I’m a Rabbitohs supporter.”

Rabbitohs Members and supporters are urged to visit Juliette’s leMoNaiD stand outside the Stadium to purchase some leMoNaiD and help contribute in the fight against a disease that has touched many – including South Sydney’s own Burgess brothers, who lost their father, Mark, to MND.

Money raised will be contributed to MND research at Macquarie University.

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To find out more about CSJ leMoNaiD, including how you can contribute, please click here.

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