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Rabbitohs Players Develop Phone App

Some of the Rabbitohs’ playing and coaching staff have developed a fantastic phone app which will save people time and money by cutting off pocket calls made from their phone.

The brainchild of assistant coach Wayne Collins and backed by players such as Sam Burgess, John Sutton and George Burgess, the Pockit Block-it uses your smartphone’s built-in technology to cut off unwanted pocket calls and then alerts the receiver with a text message that they don’t need to call back.

The Pockit Block-it app is available for Android phones right now, with the app development team working on the same product for iPhones as we speak.

“It started out as a bit of fun amongst mates but we believe we’ve developed a really simple app that a lot of people will find useful,” Collins said.

“There’s nothing more annoying than pocket calling people and it’s something that I do all the time. It’s annoying and it wastes time and money with people calling each other back for no reason.

“With the Pockit Block-it, the call gets cut off and the person you’ve pocket called gets a text message to tell them there’s no need to call back, and we all move on with what we are doing.

“Basically, we did some research and most people put their phone in their pocket upside-down after using it, so once the phone rotates 120-degrees, or whatever number you want to set it to, then it cuts off any calls you might make by bumping your phone in your pocket, your handbag, or anything like that.

“We think it’s a pretty simple and useful little app so we gave it a go.”

Collins said that the players and staff involved were excited when he told them about the idea.

“I spoke to a few of the boys about the idea and they loved it so we thought ‘why not have a go at developing this thing?’” Collins said.

“It’s good to see it in the Google Play Store now and we’re keen to see how it goes.”

The Pockit Block-it app is available from the Google Play Store right now for just 99 cents. Download it to your Android phone, including Alcatel phones, now by clicking here.

To watch a video about Pockit Block-it featuring Sam Burgess, George Burgess and Wayne Collins, press play on the video player.

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