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Rabbitohs Impress Young Fan In Campbelltown

A young Camden fan had an unforgettable experience when he got the opporunity to mingle with his favourite Rabbitohs after they invited him to attend a training session yesterday (Thursday).

Braylen, 8, who plays for the Camden Rams had a chance meeting with the Rabbitohs when they turned up to the Jiu-Jitsu studio he attends. When the Rabbitohs discovered how much of a fan young Braylen was they invited him to attend their field training session in Campbelltown.

After watching his Rabbitohs train Braylen spent time hanging with the playing group and staff, talking Rugby League with them, taking photos and getting his Jersey and flag signed.

Getting in touch with, Braylen's mother Stacey was delighted with the generosity of the players.

"Most impressive was how each and every player was so lovely to their young fan - giving up their time just a little to make memories that will last a lifetime for him," said Braylen's mother Stacey.

"Braylen was particulary thrilled when his idol Greg Inglis personally came over to meet him and spend some time chatting. He is an amazing player & a genuinely lovely person to meet."

The experience left a huge impression on Braylen who is more dedicated to the Rabbitohs and his own Rugby League dreams than ever.

"This encounter cemented his love of the team, the players in it and playing the game itself. He wants to play even better now to be like them," said Stacey.

"They made him feel so important. They're legends on and off the field. I was just really impressed with how they valued their young fan and made him feel as if he was their biggest fan."

Good on you Braylen and thanks Stacey for sending through your story!

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