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Rabbitohs Host BBQ At Sydney Children's Hospital

The South Sydney Rabbitohs yesterday (Tuesday) hosted a BBQ at the Sydney Children's Hospital for staff, patients and their families before heading into the wards to personally deliver Rabbitohs-flavoured care packages for the kids doing it tough.

Organised by the playing group, goods for the BBQ were sourced by the players as donations from local businesses to help put on this event for the people at Sydney Children's Hospital.

"A lot of the boys helped out a lot. Gus got the bread for us, Jack Gosiewski and Cheyne Whitelaw went out and got all the meat and soft drinks - they did a really great job," said Cameron McInnes.

"We've got our things we have to do with footy but to see the boys really put in and help out was good to see."

After hosting the BBQ the players took gift bags to the children currently residing at the hospital and spent time relaxing with them as they shared special moments with the children and their families.

It wasn't just the kids that were having their day made as the players walked away grateful to have heard some inspirational stories.

"It's great obviously to see them smiling, a bit confronting as well. They've been through some hard times but for us to see that that's really inspiring and we can use that in our lives and be grateful for what we do have," continued McInnes.

Coach Maguire, who joined in with the event, also came away with a deeper understanding of the community.

"Having kids of my own, it's very special," explained Maguire.

"I've been here at the hospital a few times with my sick kids but getting around and talking to a number of parents with kids who have all sorts of different things wrong with them, to see the smile on their face and being able to have a chat with a few parents who have been through various things puts a fair perspective on your life.

"These sorts of things make our job so great."

The Rabbitohs' players would like to thank the Australian Meat Emporium for supporting the BBQ.

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