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Rabbitohs Fan Conquers Mount Kosciuszko

For a little time on Monday 5 June, Matt Rothman was the most elevated Rabbitohs fan in Australia. Matt, his mates and his trusty Rabbitohs Stormtech Jacket scaled 2,228 metres to rep the Rabbitohs at the top of Mt Kosciuzko!

After losing an impressive 20 kilograms over the last 12 months, Matt decided to take on highest summit in Australia as a celebration of his achievement. 

"I have never done anything quite like this. Funnily enough not much training went into the actual ascent - I'd been training over the past 12 months to shed the 20 kilograms," said Matt.

"I couldn't have done it if I was 20 kilograms heavier that's for sure! I was in my trusty South Sydney Jacket, it's come in handy a lot. I take it to the kids sports in winter and it's kept me dry at countless Souths games over the last 12 months."

Matt has his grandmother to thank for his South Sydney fanaticism. Spending time at his grandmother's Matraville house as a kid, Matt would be taken up to Redfern Oval to watch the Rabbitohs play. It's a passion that he's passed on to his children as well.

"I've been a lifelong fan. My grandmother would mind me as a child and take me up to the original Redfern Oval to watch my heroes like Mario Fenech, Les Davidson, Craig Coleman and Ian Roberts," said Matt.

"I'd play football on the back of the hill with the other kids my age at half time. I've got three boys myself now and they're all Rabbitohs fans too."

Planning for his next adventure started as soon as he made it down from Kosciuszko!

"As soon as we made it down the boys were discussing what's next. Maybe the coastal walk from Bundeena (check spelling) to Otford in the Royal National Park sout of Sydney - very different terrain but it's 30 kilomeres in one day in the bush so it'll be a different kind of push!"

Awesome work Matt!

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