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Quotes of the bye week

There may be no South Sydney Rabbitohs game this weekend but that doesn't mean we ain't being talked about. Here are some of the best words from the bye week.


Anthony Seibold

It's Certainly a good position to be in but we understand there's a lot of work to do and we've got some areas to improve there's no doubt about that.


Rabbitohs Head Coach Anthony Seibold was a happy man after the Rabbitohs Sunday triumph as his winning run continued in a successful first season in the hot seat. 

However, 'Seibs' was again humble in his post-match media session pointing out the work still ahead of himself and the team. 


Kyara Nean

We want to achieve the goals we set at the start of the season and there is no reason that we can't do that, it just takes a bit of extra effort.

It was a tough fight for the Rabbitohs women's team last Saturday against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs as the played out a 14-14 draw at Belmore. 

With a Return to Redfern this week the Rabbitohs women are keen to get back on track including centre Kyara Nean, who believes their slump in form in an easy fix. 


Adam Reynolds

We kept turning up for each other that's just working with our systems we've got a job to there and I thought we were solid for most of the match, obviously the two tries at the start were not ideal but that's something we can look at and work on for the future.

The man of the moment Adam Reynolds spoke after his match-winning field goal and said that despite the difficult task in front of them the team banded together to get the job done. 


Adam Reynolds

It's a proud achievement its something I'll look back on when my careers done hopefully there is more to come good to get of the 'nudey' at the end of the year with the meat pie.


The halfback also became the second highest goal scorer in Rabbitohs history on Sunday but the champion number seven was just happy to get his first try of 2018. 


Sam Burgess

Reynolds owes me a coffee too, we had a coffee on the last kick for goal, he's normally pretty good in that situation so I didn't mind paying him a coffee if he kicked the goal but he missed so he owes me a coffee.

Reynolds may have kicked the field goal to win the match but the opportunity fell to him early with a sideline conversion, which he crashed against the post.

Apparently, there was more on the line than two-points with a cup of coffee also at stake with forward Sam Burgess and the Englishman was quick to point out who won the bet.


Damien Cook

We're looking forward to going up there into that hostile environment and hopefully get 3-0 up there which will be something special.

If you thought NSW were going to put the cue back in the wrack think again, as Rabbitohs hooker Damien Cook made it clear the Blues intentions to make it a whitewash in 2018.


Angus Crichton

Being around the best players in your state and some of the best players in the game, if you're not learning off them and taking little bits out of there and game and adding it to your own your wasting their time.

Taking his game to the next level this year Angus Crichton has credited the Origin arena in helping improve in 2018.


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