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PREMIUM: Chairman Nick Pappas Sees Encouraging Signs For 2017

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South Sydney Rabbitohs Chairman, Nick Pappas, spoke to at the Platinum Members Event on Tuesday night.

Pleased to be among the crowd of die-hard Rabbitohs supporters, Pappas understands the Club has gone through a season of ups and downs but has seen encouraging signs for the 2017 season.  

“It’s so great to congregate with the loyalist of the loyal, our Platinum Members who have been there since 2002 since we were reinstated to the competition, they’re the ones that have stuck with us and I think it’s the aspiration of every South Sydney member to become a Platinum Member.” Said Pappas.

“Needless to say it has been a season of ups and downs but more ups in the sense that there’s a lot of promise for the future and I think in the last two weeks we’ve seen where 2017 is going to take us.”

Pappas understands the difficulty of Monday night games but asks the fans to come along and show their support for the players in the last home game for the season.

“In the face of a lot of media hostility, the players have stuck solid and I must give credit to Madge because he’s kept them very united, very focused and they’ve endured what was a rough ride and have come out the other side and shown us what they can really do.

“Monday night game, never easy to get to, we understand that but this is the game to come to, this is the game to show true the value of membership by coming and giving our players all the support they need for what is the last game of the season.”

View the full interview with Nick Pappas in the video player above.

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