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NRL issues bans for offensive remarks towards Inglis

The NRL has issued Banning Notices to two spectators who made offensive remarks towards South Sydney Rabbitohs Captain Greg Inglis in Round Two.

The Notices ban the two individuals from attending NRL Events until they can establish that they have taken sufficient steps to address their behaviour, including apologising and completing approved cultural training and education. 

Australian Rugby League Indigenous Council chair Linda Burney said education was the best way of dealing with cases of racial abuse.

“Naturally I am appalled at what happened to Greg, especially given my immense respect for him as an Indigenous leader and his status as one of the best Indigenous players of all time,” she said.

“But the NRL has taken the right approach by allowing the person responsible to return to Rugby League only after they have undergone appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural training and have issued an apology to Greg and Indigenous community leaders for their comments.

“The best way to stop a repetition of this type of behaviour is through education. I am also pleased that senior Indigenous leaders from the game will help decide whether the person responsible is ready to return to games.”

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