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No Love Lost in Rivalry

If your new partner was a Roosters fan, would that be a deal-breaker? One thing’s for sure – the Rabbitohs v Roosters rivalry runs deep.

Take for instance 49 year old Platinum Member, Harry, for whom the Rivalry became all too real in the late 80s when he fell for now-former Easts supporter – now a die-hard Rabbitoh – Poppy.

While for some – like our friend in the video above – Rugby League allegiances can prove a deal-breaker, the life-long Rabbitoh seized the opportunity to convert his now wife.

“’It’s either me or your team’, that was the choice,” laughed Harry.

“I might have said it a bit tongue-in-cheek at the time, but part of me was deadly serious. I didn’t want those colours in my house, or for my kids to have split allegiances. I come from a Rabbitohs family and I wanted that tradition to continue.

“And I mean how would we have raised the kids otherwise? It was more of an issue than deciding to Christen them! My kids – Annie and Michael – are in their 20s now and they’re proud Members, so I feel like I’ve done my bit.”


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The sentiment was raised again more recently when daughter, Annie, brought home her boyfriend Steven. But before the requisite onslaught of-‘concerned father’ questions, Harry posed his silver bullet question to the newcomer.

“I didn’t bother probing about job prospects, addictions or any future plans to start off with,” remembered Harry smirking.

“The first thing I asked him when he came home was which football team he supports. He said he was a Souths supporter and I later found out that they’d actually met at a game. Needless to say, he’s still around and we all get along.”

A life-long local now living in the heart of Rabbitohs territory in Maroubra, Harry, recalls the Rivalry with Roosters fans that he experienced as a child going to school in the area.

“We’re all neighbours – we may hold the balance of power 80-20, but the banter’s always been there,” said Harry.

“I went to Rainbow Street Public and Randwick Boys High, so we were all mixed in together and we always gave each other a bit of grief. There’d always be arguments in the playground about what had happened at the weekend’s game.

“Funnily enough, that still happens with the same mates through text messages, emails and the like whenever it’s time to play each other. I don’t think that’ll ever change between us, and nor should it.

“We’ll all be there as a family this Friday night, sitting in Bay 131 like we always do. We need everyone else to do the same!”

The Rabbitohs will take on the Sydney Roosters in the deciding Ron Coote Cup clash at ANZ Stadium in Friday Night Football this Friday night! Click here to purchase tickets.

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