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My Souths Story - Brendan Davis

If knowledge is power, then Brendan Davis has it in bucket loads.

After all, it was only a few months ago that Todd Greenberg crowned him as the NRL's Teacher of the Year. That may have happened in the classrooms of Bondi's Galilee Catholic Primary School, but that doesn't stop him from teaching Red and Green to the next generation coming through.

Despite teaching to a classroom consisting mainly of Sydney Roosters supporters, it might seem like a case of espionage on Davis' case...or torture. For him, it's something far less sinister.

"I love being able to use NRL in the classroom, I think it lends itself to Maths really well and I especially love to use real-life examples. We've used Alex Johnston's try-scoring record from this year in a statistics lesson and being able to use that when we're making graphs," he said.

"Some of the responses are really great, especially the ones that can connect a leaner period to an injury or a suspension. In other areas, being able to use the backgrounds of the players in our History and Geography units, always finding ways to always to keep them excited and interested in what we're doing," said Davis.


Brendan with his father Phil Davis, who played captained the Rabbitohs' SG Ball side back in 1974.

"Being a teacher in Bondi they're always pushing for me to use Roosters examples, but I always make sure they know the greats feats of Rabbitohs players."


After being rewarded for his approach to teaching, Davis was invited to check out some of the Rabbitohs' facilities prior to the Club's semi-final match against the St. George Illawarra Dragons, something which left a lasting effect on him.

"It was great in the gym there's that attitude to greatness and wanting to continue to push each other and make sure each other are excelling in what they are doing," said Davis.

"It's a club that I'm sure other sporting organisations could go to and learn a lot from."

In the meantime, as the bell rings for class, Davis' Bondi-based students will be preparing for their next lesson. Whether that be maths, history or science, it's bound to have a tinge of Red and Green. 

Glory glory to Mr. Davis.



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