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Murray learning with a swagger

South Sydney Rabbitohs young gun Cameron Murray says that working alongside some of the best in the business is helping to shape his game.

The 19-year-old forward, who is heading into his second season of NRL, learned at the side of South Sydney stars Sam Burgess and John Sutton while playing nine games in his debut campaign.

However, Murray is well aware the lessons he has learned from the experienced pros are only useful to him if they enhance his own style.


“I do like to get tips here and there off the boys who have been really successful in the game like Sammy and Sutto,” said Murray.

“I grew up watching Sammy and Sutto so they’ve been huge role models for me. They’re the players I like to pick some tips off and follow some of the trends of their game.

“But as well as that I do like to bring my own thing to training but I do like to learn off the boys where I can.”

Cameron Murray

“I want to bring a fresh approach to training and bring in some of my own demeanour into the way I train and try to implement the things that I do.”



One element that Murray does bring to the paddock is his exceptional fitness, with the talented forward comfortably playing 80 minutes during the back end of the 2017 season.

“I like to base my game on my fitness and my ability to withstand that 80 minutes,” he added.

“I think moving forward in the game there are talks about even being another drop in the interchange.

“I think it’s going to be a really good attribute to bring to the game and bring to South Sydney. I’m really looking to improve that transition focus from when we go to the paddock, and improve my fitness week in week out and getting that match fitness for game day.”

With the pre-season training ramping up after a Christmas break, the back rower says he’s already looking forward to getting stuck in and reaching new heights in 2018.

Cameron Murray

“I’m really diligent around my game and especially going into my second year in NRL.”

“It’s been really good everyone has been ripping in,” explained Murray. “It’s been really good to mix and mingle with the boys who were here last year and the new boys coming through now trying to prove their worth.

“I know from players who have been there it’s always been tough for players to prove themselves in their second season but I’m really just trying to stay focused, stick to the basics and hit the ground running from where I left off last year.”


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