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Moment 2016: Cody Walker Lights Up Indigenous Round In Special Jersey

With voting open for the Rugby League All Stars, we take a look back at our Indigenous Round clash with the Dragons when Cody Walker lit up ANZ Stadium in a jersey that held a really special place in his heart.

Walker helped design this year's Indigenous Jersey along with Greg Inglis, Kyle Turner, Alex Johnston, Dane Nielsen and Chris Grevsmuhl - Each player contributing a hand print, totem and the name of their tribe to the design by Nikita Ridgeway.

It was an especially proud moment for Cody Walker and it showed on the night as he produced one of his best displays of the season. After his brilliant first half try an elated Cody Walker pointed to his tribe to showcase his pride in his heritage.

“You get a real sense of pride when they’re doing the print and you see that hand-print on the jersey with my two tribes,” admitted Walker.

“You really want to fight for that jersey. It represents my background – I’m from Bundjalung and the Yuin tribe.

“You find a sense of belonging to that area and growing up as an Aboriginal man, you had cousins that were your brothers and cousins that were your sisters essentially.

“So I’m not just playing for my brothers and sisters, I’m playing for my whole family.”

Cody Walker finished the year by being named the RLPA Rookie Of The Year for his breakout 2016 season.

Vote for Cody Walker to play in the NRL All Stars Clash to be played on Friday 10th February 2017 here!

Get the full story of the Rabbitohs 2016 Indigenous Jersey in the video player below.

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