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Mick And His 100 Souths Jerseys

Owning a Souths Jersey comes with a special feeling for many Members and supporters of the mighty Rabbitohs. When you throw on the Red & Green hoops of a Rabbitohs Jersey you're wearing a Jersey that represents the rich history, success and fighting spirit of the Pride of the League. Mick Bradley, a Platnium Member from the Gold Coast, has over 100 Souths Jerseys.

Ranging from our retail Jerseys to player issue Jerseys and even to match worn Jerseys, Mick's collection consists of a massive variety of Red & Green strips and there are only a few gaps in his stockpile which he aims to fill.

Mick's passion for collecting Souths Jerseys began over 20 years ago when he got his first Souths Jersey from George Piggins Sportswear in Maroubra in 1987 - It was a Smiths Crisps Souths Jersey with Phil Blake's number six printed on the back. It's his foundation Jersey and he still has it today.

To Mick, not all Jerseys are created equal and he does have a few favourite pieces in his collection.

"My most precious Jersey would be either my 2005 Russell Crowe inspired Cinderella Man Jersey which I would love to get signed by Russell one day," says Mick.

"Or my 2015 World Club Challenge Jersey, I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Grand Final as well as the 2015 World Club Challenge and they were big highlights.

"To have a Jersey from the Clubs only World Club Challenge is high up there in my collection."

Why does he do it? A straight-shooter, Mick puts it simply;

"I've been a Souths supporter all my life and love collecting Jerseys,"

"There are only a few that I have missed from over the years and I am always on the look out for Souths Jerseys that are not part of my collection."


"None are for sale."



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