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Member Zone Premium: In His Words: Roy Asotasi

I spent seven years at the Club and my most memorable time is hard to pinpoint but if anything it was being the Captain.

As much as I was reluctant to take that role on, I felt like I really had to mature a lot and found times that I had that young kid mentality and I had to grow and set a good example. I knew I could handle the leadership role and set a really good example for the other players and I think that really helped me throughout my career in regards to my time at the Rabbitohs, being able to be sensible and try and lead by example and it’s one of the greatest things I enjoyed.

That then led into also captaining the Kiwis the same year I was at the Rabbitohs. Again, the same thing happened where I was a bit hesitant at the start and I always used to think: “Am I the right person for the job? Do I want to do this?” I knew the amount of responsibility that goes into being a Captain. So I can kind of thank the Rabbitohs for helping to groom me to be able to take that role on because it felt like I had a bit of practice along the way and made it pretty easy to step into that role.

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