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Member Zone Premium: In His Words: Jason Clark

My debut game was our last home game and we walked around the stadium after the game. There was a big group of Lebanese blokes who picked me up, it was a pretty big step up from the ground to where they were standing, and they picked me up over that and just gave me heaps of hugs.

I didn’t know these blokes and I thought it was awesome. A year or two later I went into this Lebanese restaurant that my Dad has always gone into. He would go there once a month and bring home food from there as a treat when I was still living at home. When I went in there this bloke said: ”You’re Jason Clark.” They were the blokes that picked me up. Now he’s like family to us. We go there all the time.

I don’t know why I get emotional about it but I gave him one of my jerseys at the end of 2013 or 2015, one of those years, and he said he was going to get it framed and let me see it when it was done. They invited us around and we had a big feed with all the family. My Mum and one of my sisters came along with Lauren and one of our girls. All of his mates were there as well and he had the jersey there hanging up and it looked awesome. He asked if I noticed the difference. I kind of did so I asked what was wrong with it...

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