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Member Zone Premium: In His Words: George Burgess

I remember the conversation with Tom back in 2012 when I was trying to convince him that it was the right move for him to come over and I knew that in that 2013 year when we were all at the one Club that we had the opportunity to play together which we always wanted to do.

Then my mum moved over as well which kind of made it like a big family affair at the Club for us. We were all invested in South Sydney as a family and it made it really special for those couple of years that we were together.

I wanted to come here as I saw it as the premier competition at the time and it still is. I thought if I could just get over here and get myself in the system of training with an NRL Club I could improve myself as a player. I felt like I did improve a lot in the systems and the coaching over here, I think it improved my game a lot. My defence went to a different level and I felt like it just improved as well.

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