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Meet the Rabbitohs ring maker

Everybody has a hobby, whether it's watching movies or playing music, or even travelling around, but for South Sydney Rabbitohs diehard Greg Ellis making Premiership rings are what makes him tick.

From all the way back in 1908 to 2017, Greg has a collection of hand-made rings that any Red and Green Member and supporter would want to get their hands on.

"I started making them about twelve months ago," said Greg.

"I got bored one day and just started thinking about how I'd do it one day.

"I was lucky that my father had a grinding wheel so I had access to the tools to make these rings."

With a total of 34 rings to his collection, Greg has covered off nearly every Rabbitohs moment you can remember as well as few special edition New South Wales Blues and Kangaroos rings.

"I've got a bunch of them; a 110-year ring, 21 Premiership rings, and I've actually got one from 1958 in my hand now," said Ellis.

"I also do New South Wales rings and State of Origin ones and I've just started making another one for this year, I've got an ARL ring I made for last year's World Cup.

"And I've also got one for the Auckland Nines, one for 1908, one for 1931 when we won our 10th premiership, and one for 1971 for our 20th. I've also got one made from a lapel pin which is a jersey, then a Centenary of League one too."

With so many rings to choose from it's difficult for Greg to pick a favourite but a 1971 Rabbitohs Premiership ring holds a pretty special place in his heart.

"The 1971 ring is my favourite," said Greg.

"The reason is when I went to the 1971 Grand Final, I was only a couple of hundred feet from when Bob McCarthy scored the winning try.

"The concourse we were on that would have fit about 1500-2000 people was empty, because apparently it was filled with St George supporters who left in disgust, we were the last people left.

"As the players were doing their victory lap, I saw John O'Neill and John Sattler were carrying the J.J Giltinan shield.

"As Sattler was coming around he gave the shield to Bob McCarthy to lift up, and I yelled out to him and said 'Mr Sattler!', standing behind the picket fence. He came around and we got a photo with him and it ended up in the paper the next day."

With plenty of footy happening in 2018, Greg has a plethora of options to choose from for his next ring but has a pretty clear idea of what he wants to make next.

"I'm making a new one for the State of Origin for the Blues, and obviously I've got plans in my head for the 2018 premiership ring."


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