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McInnes’ April Fool’s Day Roast

Cameron McInnes was the centre of discussion at South Sydney’s recovery session this morning at Maroubra, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Despite scoring a double and topping the team in many statistics against the Sea Eagles last night, teammates; Sam Burgess, Luke Keary and Dave Tyrrell, were far more interested in shining the world’s biggest spotlight on the hooker’s post-game Channel Nine interview – an interview that saw McInnes caught with his tooth out.


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The April Fool’s Day banter began early with Burgess giving his teammate a light ribbing, before Keary and Tyrrell took the roast to new heights in their respective interviews.

McInnes saw the humour in the ongoing banter, laughingly admitting he had nothing to come back with.

“I got caught in a bit of an uncomfortable situation there last night with my tooth out,” smiled McInnes this morning – with a complete set of teeth.

“Not my best interview ever, but I’ll work on that. I can’t really say anything when you’ve got a missing tooth and a goatee.”

To watch all the best bits from Camo’s Recovery Roast, please press play on the video player.


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